photograph by tom-van-hoogstraten
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Defining your Style ...

I have found over the years that decorating becomes much easier when you begin defining your style and once you have that figured out creating your own chic style kicks in.

The first thing that helps is if you start looking at design pictures as rooms full of pieces instead of the room as a whole. Start making a list of elements of that room that you are drawn to. 

I had a potential client that emailed me a picture and tell me she wanted me to design that exact room for her. I know from experience that this request and approach to design usually doesn't end well. I started breaking down the elements in the room with her and found that she didn't actually like that exact room, she picked out just a few of the elements she liked and I was able to use those to help design the living room of her dreams, which looked nothing like the original picture.

The Chic Home header above is a picture that encompasses the feeling of my personal style. I was born and raised in California in the 60's. I spent summers at the beach, visited California missions which were some of my favorite places to go. I definitely have mid-century modern, vintage California and coastal influences that are part of my ("California Chic") personal style. To read more about it click here ...

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