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"Make your home as comfortable as possible and then get on with living. 
There is more to life than decorating" - Albert Hadley


Hello my name is Sandra,  I was born, raised and live in California. I have a background in Design and Merchandising (before marriage), Child Rearing (school of hard knocks) and Respiratory Science (after my babies flew the coop).

Family at Huntington Beach

I have designed and decorated my way through many, many, many homes, some were mine, some were friends and family members, some were rentals and all were done on a modest budget. I have been designing, making and selling home decor for 20 years. Always wanted to make that leap and open my own studio....

I'm working on it.

More about me ... here

Blogging about my passion for everything home, life, style and lessons learned along the way. It should be fun!

You don't have to be rich and famous to own quality furniture and decor. I can show you how I recreate affordable high end style, fit for a magazine, on any budget and you will find your own unique style while you're doing it. Once you find your personal style, decorating is an inexpensive breeze!

Mid-century to Modern Chic Decorating and Decor

You will find how to's, before and afters, shopping tips, where to find, design inspiration and make it yourself projects, mindful living ideas, healthy home and eco friendly options for everything home.

Bonus: My favorite color is white, I  have been living and decorating with white since the beginning of time! I love all styles of decorating and decor which will give us lots to talk about.

I will be posting at least once a week. It should be fun. I am hoping to create an online resource for creating, decorating and living in style for less so you can save the rest!

I am so excited about sharing what I know with homemakers, decorating and design enthusiasts of all ages. I encourage comments and feedback. I can't wait to talk with you, trade ideas, inspire each other, help you with your decorating dilemmas, hear all about your fabulous projects, decorating tips and maybe make new friends during our journey!

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I'm looking forward to hearing about some of your favorite decorating tips! 

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