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Creative Chic On A Shoestring

   I am a Mom of two grown children, a Nana of three, a wife, a caregiver and a homemaker. I started my design career at the age of nine, granted most of it has been for myself, my family and friends but it has been my passion none the less! 

   It started with a needle and some thread and has morphed into this huge do everything myself way of life. I was taught to see the beauty in old and used by my parents and my grandparents, that quality is always better than quantity, the art of a good deal, pay the fair price and make sure you are getting the most for your money. 

   I love, love, love thrifting it was the only way I could decorate our home when we first started out. The excitement of the hunt and the sense of accomplishment in staying within my budget was an added bonus. My husband says I am good at "picking out the jewels"! I enjoy it so much that I turned it into a business. 

   My first love is sewing, I have been sewing my own clothes since I was eleven and making or remaking my own home decor for forty years. Fashion design and merchandising was my career choice but after getting to meet and talk to a couple of designers my husband was working with I became smitten with the world of interior design.

   I am taking my passion one step further by designing the website for the online shop and my own line of home decor, it's something I always wanted to do and to be honest I feel like I am running out of time.

So my personal philosophy is this: 

if you can't find what you want, make it
if you don't like what you have, change it
if you can't afford it, don't buy it

   I have always been able to create a stylish and welcoming environment despite where we lived, what we lived in or how much money we had, which has ranged from plenty of breathing room to barely get by! 

   I created this blog to keep track of and share; my projects, ideas, inspiration, products, photography and daily design life. I write about all the things I enjoy and I hope you enjoy reading!

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