Design Crush: Fragments Identity


My design style for the last 45 years has been white walls, white upholstery and dark wood furniture. I still love it to this day. 

 It began in the 70's when my mom got rid of all her Early American furniture and started replacing it with vintage pieces she found at yard sales, swap meets and purchased from an import store she found. All her pieces reflected the Spanish California Ranch Style. Until then I had really never noticed our furnishings. 

I learned by watching and going shopping with her during those years about the importance of creating your own authentic style. I fell in love with design and decorating because of her.

Instagram @ Fragments Identity  photos: @ Jenna Peffley

It is so refreshing to find others that appreciate and execute their authentic style so beautifully! 

MC Modern Bench Makeover


 A Mid-Century Modern Table/Bench Furniture Makeover


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