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Beauty in Simplicity

The Best Places to Shop for Affordable Home Decor


The 16 Best places to Shop for Affordable Home Decor

MY LATEST OBSESSION... lovin these little found beauties ❤


Good morning! How is everyone doing?  I haven't been able to get out to shop much due to the rainy weather but I'm sure it will change soon, after all it is sunny Southern California! 

Before the storm I did manage to put together a nice little haul of some great finds for my home and the shop before the big storm hit. I stumbled upon this large yard sale with tons of goodies spread out all over the back yard, garage and boxes full of wonderful finds! Nothing was marked they just bundled your finds on the way out. I spent hours there "pickin" and went back the second day and picked some more!

I brought home over 48 items for my home and the shop. 10 pieces of pretty handmade pottery and a total of over 28 more items for the shop. But my best find of all was a mid-century modern, designer set of silverware, full and complete that had never been opened or used, which I found hiding in a mid-century modern Tupperware container in mint condition!!! 

I don't shop for new very often because I prefer vintage unless it is a necessity, except for fabrics which I buy for projects and decor that I make for my home and my Etsy shop.

 Best Places to Shop for Decor and More


Yard sales and Estate sales are my favorites because the money goes directly into the hands of the sellers for their needs.  I always say hello, tell them they have beautiful things, have a conversation, ask them if they have a story behind the item and tell them thank you when I leave even if there isn't anything there that I wanted.

"Thrifting is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get!"


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How to Begin Decorating with Fabric


 Color and Design - Inspiration for Beginners


My own decorating plan always begins with the color choices. I use fabric, photos off the internet and paint swatches for color and design inspiration. Sometimes I spend hours in the fabric stores until I find a few favorites that will work. 

I have been sewing since I was a teenager and I now make all of my soft goods myself as well as a line for the boutique. I love having things that no one else has in my home which is why my line of décor is made in limited quantities with my own two hands.

I found this vintage late 70's piece of crushed velvet fabric at a yard-sale and it was just big enough to make two pillow slips. The colors are so gorgeous, deep turquoise, deep brown with hints of aqua. The picture definitely doesn't do it justice! 

I use a pure white art canvas as the base for all of my personal projects because it is the same color I paint all of my walls. All of my fabric choices have white in the patterns so that the colors are just accents and don't takeover my room.

I cut swatches to use on my design canvas, by the way you can just purchase small swatches at fabric stores as well as online.

My style is simple, white walls, white upholstery on chairs and sofas, white drapery, dark brown wood furniture but I believe everyone needs a little color in their lives! I use color as accents in my pillows and artwork. It is easy and inexpensive to change out whenever you feel like you need a change.

My vintage sofa was slipcovered with repurposed shabby chic matelasse drapery panels that I no longer used. It is currently in line waiting for me to reupholster it. But for now it is gorgeous in white and my favorite reading spot.

The large decorative piece above the dresser was created with a piece of fabric and an old frame. All that was needed was a stapler.

Here are two examples of using fabric to create inexpensive wall art that can be easily changed out when the mood strikes you. The fabric was mounted on a recycled bulletin board with spray adhesive and then framed with frames I found at yard sales.

Slipcovers are a decorator's best friend!

I make my own slipcovers because I love switching them out throughout the year and I am able to change the look and feel of a room anytime the mood strikes.

I have a really easy diy pillow slipcover tutorial I am going to be sharing with you real soon! If you haven't signed up to get my posts yet please do, I would be so happy to send it to your email so you don't miss a thing.

Thank you so much for dropping by! 

Many blessings...  Luv, Sandra 

New Year, New projects and Good bye to 2023!



My family faced some really difficult seasons last year.  I had to pour more of myself into family and caregiving which shifted my time away from my projects and blogging. It seems like I am constantly trying to get this blog and my business up and running so I can help my family survive the hard times ahead.

   Last year was full of big changes and hard transitions so I am very happy to leave 2023 and begin a new year. I am looking forward to 2024 with prayers for a prosperous year. But I am literally starting over once again at age 67. I am on my own this time as my husband requires 24/7 caregiving. Something I didn't think about when we married, but I have always known there would come that time. 

   My plan this year is very simple; focus on my family and their needs, finish my projects one at a time, post at least once a week and enjoy the simple beauty of each day.

I am truly grateful for every new day the Lord gives me!

Luv and Blessings, Sandra


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