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Easy Diy Seasonal Decorating for Fall

Weathered Barn Wood Tray

Updated: 08/2021

   Fall is finally here and soon nature will paint itself with all the beautiful Autumn colors: oranges, browns, yellows and reds. In nature they are breathtaking!...

When I was a young Mom raising my two children I would go full on seasonal and holiday decorating but autumn colors are not really my favorites so now my seasonal decorating is laid back and minimal.  

 My favorite fall picks for this time of the year are antlers faux or real, scented pine cones and fresh silver dollar eucalyptus. 

Four easy and inexpensive ways to add subtle hints of the season by just changing out your colors: 

1. accent pillows 
2. table linens
3. candles
4. floral arrangements

So for those of you that love the seasonal decorating, I have put together an assortment of some of my favorite decorating ideas from all over to help inspire you. 

Some have links click the pics or the links to see more of my favorites fall looks.

This is one of my husbands vintage finds...he knows me so well! He even thinks about me when he is doing is own treasure hunting. I love this footed urn.



The best way to start decorating is to work with what you have and then add to it with affordable options. Shopping second hand and thrift stores is a great way to keep costs down.


I found this beautiful white handkerchief vase at a thrift store for $12 and the raw wood  piece at an estate sale for $5 it had already been carved out for a wall clock kit but my art glass vase fits in it perfectly.

   Every year I pick up at least two bags of cinnamon scented pine cones ($7.99 a bag this year)  which happens to be one of my seasonal favorites. I love the smell of cinnamon, cloves and oranges. As soon as I see them in the store I know autumn has arrived!


This year I am making my own scented pine cones here is my simple recipe:

You will need unscented pine cones from the craft or floral supply store unless you keep the scented ones you buy every year, like I do. The sent disappears by the next fall season and they are ready for a new scent or to be refreshed.

Essential oil of your choice or candle scents (which are my favorite). This year I am using "cinnabon". I use a brown paper bag and put my scent in a little spray bottle.

Then I spray and gently shake, spray and shake and spray and shake. Fold the bag closed and let them sit overnight and then they are ready to go. If they need a little refresh during the holidays while they are in your container, basket or bowl just use the dropper to add a few drops here and there.


Eucalyptus trees are very aromatic, the stems can be dried or preserved.

Eucalyptus branches are plentiful here in Southern California so I can cut my own.

Here are some of my favorite online picks for decorating inspiration.

Rustic Fall Decorating Ideas:

Rustic trays and boxes make excellent dining table centerpieces and
shelf accents. 

Seeking Lavendar Lane

This is an Easy Fall Decorating DIY project!

You can find these hollow pumpkins in any craft store and dollar store. They come in all different sizes so pick one or a few different sizes for creating centerpieces and accents around your home. I prefer the white or ivory ones but I will buy them in any color available as long as they are the right size and shape for my project.

1. All you need for this diy pumpkin project is acrylic craft paint which you can brush on or my favorite...spray paint. 

2. Cut the top of the pumpkin with a craft knife or serrated knife and then paint them.

3. Fill them with your favorite fall floral stems and grasses.

via Wrensted Interiors

There is Beauty in Simplicity

(my decorating mantra)

    I love and appreciate all the fall foliage colors; oranges, yellows, reds and browns, but I usually keep it natural and decorate with a little green, a little brown and lots of white.

   I really believe in the power of color on ones emotions and that we should decorate and dress only with colors that make you feel good.

   We are "empty nesters" now which has made decorating a lot easier. I love keeping it beautiful, simple and when the grands visit I will do a little extra holiday decorating.

Sweet Memories

   When the kiddos were still at home I was a diy decorating Mama I decorated for all seasons, made all of their costumes, watched all the tv specials and handed over all the outdoor decorating for Halloween to the kids and "my guy". They had so much fun coming up with crazy new ideas each year. (miss those days...tons!)

   So have fun, keep it simple, budget friendly and don't stress over your holiday decorating because it really is all about the memories you are creating for yourself and your family! 

(You will appreciate those memories even more when you're older and empty nesting)😉 

Fall really is just the prelude to Christmas for me personally and on that note I will say "good night and sweet dreams". It is time for a Hallmark Christmas movie.

                Fall Blessings with Love,


You can read more about my decorating favorites in my post Six Decorating Must Haves

You can find more design and decorating inspiration over on pinterest @chichomeco

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