Easy Seasonal Decorating for Fall 

   Autumn has arrived in most parts of the U.S. but I am currently sitting in 112 degree weather in the So. California desert without any color changes in sight.

   Every year by the end of September, I am tired of the never ending heat and humidity. My soul begins to feel the need for the smell of a pine tree after it rains, chilly evenings and the hint of snow and the coming holidays, without looking at a calendar and despite the weather I become restless, I begin moving around my decor, pulling out pieces for a quick inventory of what I have so I can start working up a plan and so it begins ... the prelude to Christmas.

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 Still available at Pottery Barn

   I was a little obsessed last year with the look of this large urn with handles from Pottery Barn and waited patiently to see if it would ever come down enough to be budget friendly, still waiting. . . . . . . . . . .

I have quite a few favorite finds that I have collected over the years and I am content working with what I already have. 

   I found this beautiful, large, ornate, hand hammered silver urn on one of my yard shopping excursions a few years ago. It was really dull and a little wonky but I was confident that there was a beauty under all that tarnish.

   I start my seasonal decorating off with a few eye catching centerpieces to set the tone throughout the house. Every year I pick up at least two bags of cinnamon scented pine cones ($4.99 a bag at Staters), which happens to be one of my seasonal favorites. I love the smell of cinnamon, cloves and oranges. As soon as I see them in the store I know autumn has arrived!

   Last year I used  the scented pine cones in my urn to warm up the look of the metal and I loved the contrast.


Fall Centerpiece 2019

Eucalyptus trees are very aromatic, the stems can be dried or preserved.

I purchase all my foliage fresh and in person so I can check the leaves and smell. It can be overwhelming sometimes and may cause respiratory issues if you have family members with allergies or asthma. 

Fall in the California Desert

Pine Cones, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon are the natural elements I use to welcome Autumn into my home every year and they carry over through Thanksgiving and Christmas beautifully.

This year a large bouquet of greenery in my vintage urn between my two large, white deer on the buffet are just what I needed to improve my less than sunny disposition!

    I love and appreciate all the fall foliage colors; oranges, yellows, reds and browns, but they are my least favorite colors of all time except brown. Beautiful on leaves and trees but not so much in my house. I usually keep it natural and decorate with green foliage, white flowers and pine cones.

   I really believe in the power of color on ones emotions and that we should decorate and dress only with colors that make you feel good.

   We are "empty nesters" now which has made decorating a lot easier. I love keeping it beautiful, simple and when the grands visit I do a little extra holiday decorating.

Sweet Memories

(and yes I am a huge Elvis fan!)

   Fall in our house was always about holiday decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving. When the kiddos were still at home I decorated in all the colors of fall, made all of their costumes, watched all the Halloween tv specials and handed over all the outdoor decorating for Halloween to the kids and "my guy". They had so much fun coming up with crazy new ideas each year. (miss those days...tons!)

   So have fun, keep it simple, budget friendly and don't stress over your Fall holiday decorating because it really is all about the memories you are creating for yourself and your family! 

(You will appreciate those memories even more when your old and empty nesting)😉 

Fall really is just the prelude to Christmas for me and on that note I will say "good night and sweet dreams". It is time for a Hallmark Christmas movie.

                Fall Blessings with Love,

(P.S. I'm over my last year's obsession and moving on to new ones.)

You can read more about my decorating favorites in my post "Six Decorating Must Haves"

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