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Easy Seasonal Decorating for Fall


 It's finally that time of the year when we get to make our homes all warm and cozy. Well maybe not yet in the blistering California desert, where we are still weathering temperatures over 100 degrees so I probably won't be getting out my cozy throws anytime soon!

Every year by the end of September, I am tired of the never ending heat and humidity. My soul begins to feel the need for the smell of pine trees after it rains, chilly evenings, the hint of snow and the coming of  holidays without looking at a calendar and despite the weather. 

I become restless, I begin moving around my décor, pulling out stored pieces for a quick inventory of what I have so I can start working on my decorating plan and so it begins...the prelude to Christmas.

Budget Tip #1: Start With What You Have

I have quite a few favorite finds that I have collected over the years and I like to start working with what I already have and shopping later.

I will be sharing with you some of my favorite ways to bring the feel of Autumn into my home using my favorite pieces and some of my favorite Fall inspiration from around the web.

BUDGET TIP #2: Shop Thrift Stores, Yard Sales and Estate Sales

 I found this beautiful, large, ornate, hand hammered silver urn on one of my vintage hunting excursions a few years ago. It was dull and a little wonky but I was confident there was beauty under all that tarnish.

   I start my seasonal decorating off with a few eye catching centerpieces to set the tone throughout the house. Every year I pick up at least two bags of cinnamon scented pine cones ($6.99 a bag at Staters), which happens to be one of my seasonal favorites. I love the smell of cinnamon, cloves and oranges. as soon as I see them in the store I know autumn has arrived!

Last year I used scented pine cones in my urn to warm up the look of this pretty silver plated dish and I loved the contrast.

"One Really Great Piece Can Make A Big Statement"


BUDGET TIP #3: Keep an Open Mind

   You never know what you are going to find when you find while you are out hunting the wild!

I had been looking for a pair of these large deer since I saw a set in one of my magazines years back. I found this couple hanging outside an estate sale as we were leaving. They had been outside for far too long and needed their antlers reattached which was an easy fix and with a cleaning and white spray paint they are my one of my favorite finds.

This year a large bouquet of greenery in my urn was the perfect pairing in between my two white deer on my buffet and helped my less than sunny disposition!

Eucalyptus trees are everywhere in California they are very aromatic and the stems can be dried or preserved. The silver dollar leaves are a must have for this fall.

Fall in the California Desert

Although I love and appreciate all the fall foliage colors; oranges, yellows, reds and browns, they are in all honesty some of my least favorite colors to decorate with. Beautiful on leaves and trees but not so much in my house. So I like to keep things natural, light, airy by using green foliage, white flowers and pine cones.

I really believe in the power of color on ones emotions and moods and that we should decorate and dress in colors that make us happy and makes us feel good.

Colorful Fall Decorating

Natural fall colors done well.

This is a stunning and elegant way to bring the outdoors in for your holiday entertaining!

via Maison de pax

Wood trays, bowls and boxes make excellent bases for Fall centerpieces.

via apopofprettyblog.com

Neutrals are big this year and these Fall neutrals feel all warm and cozy!

Minimal décor is a simple, natural and elegant way to decorate a table.

Come on in and cozy up to the fireplace. 
I love the magnolia leaf garland on the mantlepiece. Don't you?


Supplies you will need:

1. A hollow pumpkin
2. Small craft knife
3. Assortment of your favorite fall floral stems


This is an easy diy project and you can use whatever size and color pumpkin you want for your project. If you can't find the color you want you can always spray paint them.

Cut or carve the top off using your craft knife leaving a nice size hole on top depending on how full you want your centerpiece. Once that is complete start adding your stems.

Use dry florist foam in bottom of pumpkin if you want more control anchoring your stems.

Use wet florists foam if you want to use fresh flowers and greens but be sure you place a baggie inside before you place the wet foam in pumpkin.

I am an empty nester now which has made decorating a lot easier. I love keeping it beautiful, simple and when the grands visit I do a little extra holiday decorating.

Sweet Fall Memories

   Fall in our house was always about holiday decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving. When my children were young and still at home I decorated in all of the colors of Fall, made all their costumes, watched all the Halloween tv specials and handed over all the outdoor decorating to the kids and "my guy". They had so much fun coming up with crazy new ideas each year, ( miss those days...tons!)

   So have fun, keep it simple, budget friendly and don't stress over your holiday decorating because it really is all about the love, the joy and the memories you are creating for yourself and your loved ones!

(You will appreciate those memories even more when your old and empty nesting)

Fall is really just the prelude to Christmas for me and on that note I will say "good night and pleasant dreams". It is time for a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Fall Blessings with Love,

You can read more about my decorating favorites in my post "Six Decorating Must Haves"

The farmhouse tray featured in this post is available in our shop on Etsy.

For more chic decorating ideas follow along on Pinterest @chichomeco

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