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How To Begin Decorating With Fabric

Color and Design Inspiration

...Using fabrics for your design inspiration...

   I found this amazing piece of vintage nylon, crushed velvet in turquoise,teal and dark brown at an estate sale and I knew when I found it that I had just found my new color inspiration.

   Sometimes that is all it takes, a piece of fabric or a single piece of decor that you just love that gives you "design inspiration" for your chic home.

   I whipped up an accent pillow sham in the biggest size I could get out of the piece I had and I carry a small piece in my purse for matching. The pillow looks gorgeous on white which is the base color for all of my furniture and walls.

   I am in love with fabric, I tailor all of my soft goods, start to finish for my home and the shop. I can't pass up a good piece of fabric big or small much to the dismay of my husband. I will be stitching up some of my fabric finds for Chic Home. 

   There will be one of a kinds, limited quantities and exclusives.  If you subscribe to the shop mailing list and the blog you will be the first to see them!

Coming Soon to Chic Home

   I have vintage and modern furniture pieces that I have been picking up that will all be refinished and reupholstered.

CHIC HOME - Cobalt Seas

painting by SaShe


... Paint is my go to medium when I am looking for some new design inspiration. I painted this canvas with 1960's watercolors that I found at a yard sale a few years back, because of the age of the paints it did some really cool crackling all on it's own. It looks amazing on a pure white wall!

Chic Home and Living

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