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The Top 6 Decorating Favorites That I Can't Live Without!


  • White: Pure White is my color of choice for walls and upholstery. Light and airy is my ultimate goal and I have always made sure I live in homes with tons of natural light.

My Favorite Fabric is White Linen with or without slub 

  • Wood - Dark wood is the new black, it warms up my cool whites and grounds the room. I am partial to the high contrast look but you can choose lighter wood flooring or furniture to lighten a room and give you the look you are going for.

  • Natural Fabrics - like cotton, linen, canvas and wool are perfect for the Chic Home. Fabric is an excellent way to add texture to a room. Natural fabrics are eco-friendly, easy to clean and better options for a "healthy" home. I never, never, never use polyester, outdoor fabrics or fabrics treated with any kind of chemicals!  As a lifetime survivor of severe Asthma, I can tell you they are very unhealthy and are not eco-friendly! ( I have been researching into this subject for years and I will be discussing my findings in future posts.)

Textured Fabric Pouf from Pottery Barn 

  • Colorful Accents - I bring in color and pattern through my accents; throw pillows, table linens, artwork and home decor. I can change the color and feeling of any room just by replacing the accent decor instead of having to replace big ticket items. 

  • Big Art - I find that a few large pieces of art work rather than lots of little pieces keeps the light and airy feel of my home and still allows my personality to shine. Big art pieces can function as focal points in any room.

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Vintage Finds - I choose quality over quantity and in this mass produced, over imported and not made to last a lifetime,  big box furniture and home decor world we live in I like my dollars to go where it counts. It allows me to purchase designer high end furnishings at a low end budget. Good solid wood furniture made to last for generations and home decor with a little history that fits my decorating budget perfectly! 

I don't limit myself to certain styles, I just look for things that appeal to my personal style sensibilities.
"If I like it, it will work!"

  • Six Elements in a Chic Home - The Recap

  1. White
  2. Wood
  3. Natural Fabrics
  4. Colorful Accents
  5. Big Art
  6. Vintage High/Low Mix

Would love to here about some of your favorite must haves 
and how you use them in decorating!


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