Lazy Susan Goes Farmhouse Chic


How to turn an outdated vintage find into a trendy kitchen decor must have!

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The french country farmhouse style is a popular trend these days and is being used in kitchens of every style. Although my personal style is no where near farmhouse chic, I do love natural wood as accents throughout my "mid-century modernish" home and this will be a needed addition to my kitchen.

I have recently been toying with idea of learning the "art of baking bread" (are'nt we all right now?) and for that I will need a bread board. I really need a nice big one so I can use it for entertaining friends and family which is why I chose this one.

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An Easy Bread Board | Charcuterie Board DIY

I purchased this old unloved butcher block lazy susan at our annual community yard sale from a neighbor. Just needed some love and some serious cleaning!

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The first thing I did was to pop off the spinner. It was attached with a little silicone in a few spots so it didn't damage the wood getting it off.

1. Clean wood surfaces really well. I did it twice with a food safe cleaner and let it dry in the desert sun each time.

2. I went over every inch with a piece of coarse sandpaper by hand and lightly in the direction of the grain.

3. Use an orbital sander with #120 grit to smooth out grain

4. Use #220 grit to give it a good smooth finish and a piece of #220 grit sandpaper to smooth out the inner groove.

5. Clean wood with a tack cloth to remove all residue before finishing

6. Seal and finish with a clear butcher block oil 

7. Skip all these steps and have someone you know who loves wood do it for you.

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Believe it or not at one time the "lazy susan" (no offense to any Susans) was a must have for families all over America except ours... LOL

It was handcrafted and American Made and it is still here after 45 yrs. 
Amazing and it looks great in my kitchen and even better with the homemade bread on it!

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