" Beauty in Simplicity" is my mantra and has been for almost 30 years. I became so overwhelmed with the designer trends and styles ( I actually tried all of them) that I gave up my dream of  opening an interior design boutique.


 Stop the Insanity!

The whole keeping up with the "Joneses" thing almost broke my marriage and definitely broke our financial situation. 


The Good News is: the marriage survived, our finances never did recover. The 80's were crazy! Buy Buy Buy...Good Bye.


The eye opening part of that was that I realized I didn't like anything I had actually purchased or the styles they represented. Wish I had all that money  But I did love the pieces that were handed down from my parents and grandparents and that has never changed.



I have always been one to march to the beat of my own drum, I have been designing and sewing my own clothes since I was 11. I began designing my own home décor at 13 because no one else would be wearing it or have the exact same thing. Now I do the same thing with furniture, decorating and décor.

So I am here to help you through this decorating insanity! We will work on this together without spending a fortune, with creative ways to help you find your own authentic, unique, chic style.

Keeping it Simple,

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