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Mid-Century Coffee Table Furniture Makeover 


I scored this mid-century modern piece at a yard sale 10 years ago. I only paid $10 for it but it looked like this...

and I am definitely not a fan of orange furniture.

It had been kept in a garage for years and had water stains and oil stains from cans of motor oil that had been stacked on it! Crazy right?

I did my usual cleaning with Simple Green. I sanded off the orange finish but due to the oil and grease stains I had to do extra cleaning and degreasing before wiping it down with denatured alcohol. I finished with a walnut stain and paste wax.

Russel Wright Conant Ball Bench

I love mid-century modern furniture, but I am not an MCM purist but I do love the simplicity, lines and classic style of many of the mid-century modern pieces I buy. The design is amazing, it is sturdy and solid as a bench but I knew when I saw it that it would be the perfect coffee table for my living room.

I love diy projects and the before and afters! After all the hard work I put into each project it is so rewarding to step back and see what I was able to accomplish with my own two hands.

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