MC Modern Bench Makeover


 A Mid-Century Modern Table/Bench Furniture Makeover

I scored this bad boy at a yard sale 10 years ago and I only paid $10 for it but it looked like this...

It had been kept in a garage for years and had water stains and oil stains from cans of motor oil that had been stacked on it! Crazy right?

Russel Wright Conant Ball Bench

Now don't start getting all snooty with me but orange is not a good color for wood and although I love mid-century modern furniture, I am not an mcm purist but I do love the simplicity, lines and classic style of many of the mid-century modern pieces I buy. The design is amazing, it is sturdy and solid as a bench but I knew when I saw it that it would be the perfect coffee table for my living room.

I love diy projects and the before and afters! After all the hard work I put into each project it is so rewarding to step back and see what I was able to accomplish with my own two hands.

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