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The baby boomers mantra

Growing up I probably heard that phrase every day of my first 15 years of life.


Celebrate the beauty of the past, use what you have and embrace the art of reusing, repairing and recycling makes for a more responsible approach to decorating that won't increase your carbon footprint or break the bank. 

   While we all try to do our part by recycling plastic, paper and using our own bags to shop with, we live in a throw away society where mass produced, disposable, cheaply made items are being manufactured and sold at an alarming rate.  Let's face it after all these years of recycling and doing our bit for the environment, it is heart breaking to find out that the governing agencies have not done their part! Only 9% of that actually gets recycled.

   Recycling and reusing are essentials to the Chic Home philosophy. Not only do these values lighten the load on natural resources, they are easy on your wallet and will help you create your own, individual, one of a kind style.

...and don't get me started on the dangers of polyester and soy pollution! I will save that for another day.

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