DIY Restyled Vintage Farmhouse Crocks



Restyled Vintage Farmhouse Crocks DIY 
Textured White Painted Crocks 

I turned a set of vintage farmhouse crocks into a set of chic white modern textured crocks and I luv, luv, luv them!!!!

Now before you get all upset with me because I ruined perfectly good vintage crocks, the set I thrifted was a miss matched set of 2nd's meaning it had flaws and they were not perfect. 

One had a lower lip, some of the decorative striping was a mess and the lettering had a few problems. It was probably reproduced in the 70's or 80's when country décor was just becoming popular again. So they weren't antiques. 

Are we good?

Vintage Kitchen Crocks

Vintage farmhouse style


Modern Chic Style

a reflection of my modern decorating style.

This is what you will need:

  • Krylon Colormaster Flat White paint + primer spray paint- two or more cans depending on what you are spraying over,
  • Rust-oleum Textured white/off white spray paint- I used less than one but buy extra if you want more texture.

Here is how I did it:

 First I used a sanding block to lightly rough up the outside of each of the crocks and then wipe off the dirt and any dust off.

 I then prepped the surfaces by using a little denatured alcohol on a rag to wipe down the outside and let it dry.

I wanted to be able to decorate with fresh flowers and greenery so I only painted the inside lip of the rim and left the glossy finish inside.

Next up the painting!  It took 3 to 4 coats of the flat white to cover the crocks completely. When they were dry I started with the textured paint it only took a few coats to get it where I wanted it. I let it dry in between each coat of paint. The textured paint wasn't as white as I wanted so I finished the project by painting two more coats of the flat white.

I am so happy with my beautiful crocks...💙Blessings

Let me know what you think!


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